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It's hard to find the truth about Lyme Disease in the Internet. So I found it worth to sacrifice some of my time and create this page. It's personal website, sure, but every information you can find here was checked 4 times in the MedLine.

It should be said that Lyme is both underestimated and overrated. Underestimated, because a lot of patients with Lyme do not try a therapy or are misdiagnosed. Overrated, because on the other hand we have a bunch of hypochondriacs, and all of them truly believe that they have got Lyme without any shred of evidence.

The main reason to create this website was a giant number of misinformation and plain lies that you can find on the other pages, which in case of the wrong diagnosis of Lyme - both positive and negative - can be fatal. There is a whole army of completely healthy hypochondriacs, browsing net all the time, collecting informations (mostly from private websites, this is to say: from other hypochondriacs), then passing it ahead, mostly on random paramedical boards. It's common that they negate opinions of doctors, even those who succesfully treated thousands of Lyme patients.

You can find here an official state of medicine, an experience of medics that treated with success countless numbers of Lyme, at the same time seeing those who did not react to antibiotics, wrongly diagnosed. Comparing tests results, they decided in which cases we can suspect Lyme and in which it's nearly sure that this is another disease, so that trying the therapy would be pointless. On this website you cannot find information like "My sister once was told that her uncle had a friend, who...". If tests proved, that a PCR test gives positive result in 20% group of people, no matter healthy or not, and then not even one of them do react to the antibiotics, no one shows symptoms - it means that the PCR gives 20% false positive results. On a website of an hypochondriac you will find the information, that 20% of population has got Lyme and doesn't know about it.

Enjoy :)